Our services target the full cycle of new product and service development from research and innovation to market entry. At Solid Studio we help users define their needs and translate them into a clear set of requirements. We help businesses shape their offering into highly accepted and marketable products and services.

In an era where everything changes at the speed of light, it can be difficult. Undoubtedly, there’s a paradox of choice when it comes to digital solutions. The inspiration for Solid Studio was from finding the way and exhausting options (tech-wise) to discover elegant solutions to complex problems.


Business Strategy
Marketing Plan
Digital Strategy
Ad Campaigns
Online Booking System
Project Management
GDPR Compliance

UX/UI Design
Web Design
Web Development
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Business Cards

Our design philosophy is to always create things with simplicity, efficiency and sophistication. We avoid design that is decorative; instead, we always seek out the reason behind everything we do. We research the content and the context in order to establish a strong conceptual direction for each project. We use typography, semiology and symbolism to create memorable and enduring visual experiences.

The way a website is designed is a defining factor for any digital product or service these days. At Solid Studio we focus on creating endurable websites by strategically combining the user experience and consistent branding. We analyze your business to design a website that increases the number of visitors and produces positive results.

Every website we design is unique, which means there are no templates and no recycled work. We want to make sure that each customer’s vision is represented in its truest form, so we start from the beginning. Our process varies from customer to customer. It goes something like this: strategic planning, brand identity, web structure and web design.

We focus on strategy to provide a clear vision, relevant and easy-to-understand messaging, and visual identity development. Good design = good business. We define, design and develop your brand from start to finish. This includes services such as logo design and naming, business cards, content messaging and tone, animation, illustrations, graphics, color schemes, shapes, images, typography, layouts and more.

What’s the point of having a beautiful website if no one can see it? As the web evolves, so do search engine algorithms. Solid Studio stays up-to-date with the best practices to claim the best possible rankings for relevant keywords. Our services include keyword generation, meta tags, content for positive user experience, educating, social media solutions and more.